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How do you bring the passion and intensity from the game world to the web?

Launched in 2010, Need For Speed World (NFSW) was the free online version of the popular racing game franchise Need for Speed. NFSW was popular with racing fans and it went on to surpass 1 million users, making it one of the most popular MMO racing games in history.

In 2010, I was recruited to redesign and launch the new website with the goal of increasing engagement, micro sales, and conversion rates. I gathered and created research, wireframes, designs, and prototypes. I deployed multivariate testing to help hit our goals in developing the online store, purchase flow, onboarding flow  and leaderboard.

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Getting immersed

In order to fully understand the needs of this project, I centered my focus around the user's behavior. I immersed myself into the video game for days, determining issues and pain points that arose between game and the previous beta website.

Need For Speed World Web Design

Measure twice

The key to making this redesign successful was making sure everything was tracked and measured. I was constantly creating a/b tests to tweak designs until they became highly optimized. The website saw a 26% increase for game-currency purchases, 43% increase for daily active visitors, and 18% bump for average revenue per paying user. An important mantra I followed was: “analyze, prioritize, test and repeat.”

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Need For Speed World AB Testing
Need for Speed World Game Design
Need for Speed World Game Design

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