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Langara College is a leading undergraduate institution serving more than 21,000 students annually. Students choose Langara for its exceptional learning opportunities in university studies, career studies, and continuing education programs.

The majority of my tasks were on the editorial and campaign development side. I provided creative direction and graphic design expertise to support the college‚Äôs marketing efforts. 

Graphic Design
Campaign Design
Web Design

Langara College


Designing for distinction

In a competitive post-secondary education market, Langara needed strong marketing efforts to attract current and prospective students year-round. By working through strategy with the marketing team, I provided creative direction and graphic design expertise to create highly visual materials that would resonate with students. I designed and developed over 15 college-wide marketing campaigns, including: Next Stop, 6 Smart Flavours, Get Connected, 2010 Torch Relay, and Real People of Langara.

Langara College Continuing Studies Campaign
Langara College Graphic Design Posters
2010 Olympics Langara College student links
Langara College Publication Grad Book
Langara College publication envision
Langara College publication envision
Langara College  business cards
Langara College Next Stop Campaign
Langara College Get connected social media campaign
Langara College Get connected social media campaign

Full-tilt design

Previously, departments had been in charge of their own micro websites, designing them independently. In total, 88 micro websites had been created without any guidelines; consistency was nonexistent. As the Communications & Marketing team took on the overhaul, I assisted the lead developer with planning, information architecture, designing and testing over 10,000 pages. We successfully provided Langara with its first cohesive website encompassing all departments of the college.

Langara College website redesign
Langara College  User Personas
Langara College site navigation architecture

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