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Website Development

Clients get wide-eyed when I start talking about the challenges and tasks involved with creating a website. There are a lot of moving parts to actually launch a website. It’s important for me to let the clients know that even though launching a website is a major task, I can walk them through the process to make it less daunting. I basically let them know that together if we can create a beautiful design, write masterful content and write lean code, we will have an amazing website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what happens your website rank high on search engines like Google. There are dedicated SEO specialists that focus on getting your website on page one of results page. My job in this major task is to make sure the structure of the website is optimal and the URLs/tags/headers are incorporating keywords related to your business. However, if you want a full out SEO service for your website, do no worry. I have been able to build relationships with specialists who will partner with me to get the job done.
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