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UX Design

User Experience design is often an overlooked element when it comes to websites or mobile apps. When you have users interacting with a product, it’s important that the design leads the user through a positive and enjoyable experience.

Ever fill out a form and accidentally hit a link? When you click on the back button, you come back to an empty form with all the information gone? That is not a good experience. On average a website has hundreds of interactions that need to designed with the user in mind. Just remember: a happy user is a returning user.

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UI Design

Ok you have the user experience figured out, now comes time to design this interface. User Interface design takes into account every visual element of your website from button colours, typography (fonts), colour palettes, photography, layouts, to overall styling of the pages. Visual consistency allows for the users to pick up on patterns and learn the visual language of your website or app.

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Website development

For the majority of businesses, the website is the number one marketing tool it will have. That is why it’s important to spend time to discover and plan the development of your website correctly from the start. Building and operating a fully functioning desktop website is not enough in this day and age. Responsive Design is a must, as stats show that mobile device usage is overtaking desktop usage in a lot of markets. Let me help you with a CMS WordPress website or a custom built site.

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