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Logo Design and Visual Identity Design

Your logo needs to reflect your brand accurately, as it plays an enormous role in your brand recognition. In 90% of the cases, it is the first impression of your business for outside customers. The logo design process can vary, but for the most part I use a 5 step process to create a logo for my clients.

Step 1 is getting together with the client to get detailed design brief. This allows me to get insight, needs, expectations and goals and allows both sides to get on the same page.

Step 2 is me going back to the lab and conducting research. I survey the marketplace for competitors, trends and things to avoid. Don’t want our logo to look similar to a competitor.

Step 3 is where sketching and preliminary visuals start coming to life. Ideas start on paper for initial concepts with the stronger concepts going to computer for digitization.

Step 4 is where I present the logos to the client for initial feedback. Customers get a breakdown of the logos in black and white presentation with a detailed description of the thought process or reasoning behind the design. I round up the feedback and go back to modify either 1 or 2 logos the client would like to take to the next stage. Another round is presented to the client to solidify one design direction.

Step 5 is the introduction to colour. Colour is kept out of the first 4 stages so client can focus on the form of the logo. We don’t need distractions, the focus should be the logo in its purest form. This is presented to the client once again and at this time we usually have a final logo selected.
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