Located in Vancouver, Canada, Langara College is an educational institute which opened its doors in 1965. By offering its 21,000+ students programs such as University Studies, Career Studies, and Continuing Studies, Langara College has become a premier destination for local and international students in British Columbia.


I had the privilege of working in Langara College’s Communication and Marketing department for over 3 years. I was fortunate to work alongside bright colleagues and educators who genuinely strived to help and support students. During my time, I assisted with the launch of two different variations of the college website. The goal of the first website was to consolidate 88 micro-websites that each department had made. This was the wild wild west, as the departmental websites did not follow any set guidelines and consistency was practically nonexistent when it came to branding, imagery, content and strategy.

After completing user testing on the existing web experience, it became clear that the website had to function for five user roles: current students, prospective students, parents, faculty, and student services. Working in collaboration with the lead developer, we created a new website navigation. This was a key development because creating a functional navigation structure was essential for a large website, such as Langara’s, that contains approximately 10,000 pages. Through a massive overhaul of content and a new design, we were able to successfully provide Langara College with its first, true website.

With a solid foundation in place, the second website focused on Langara as a whole. It was clearly apparent that it was time to give Langara and the website a facelift. I strategized with Tribal DDB, a global advertising agency, and through the conversations one thing became clear - ; the brand positioning and voice of Langara College was about to change. The goal was to position Langara College as BC’s premier post-secondary choice Working in agile development, we restructured and refined the website, component by component, and prepared it for a new content management system and design.

On the marketing side of things, with three semesters in a calendar year, Langara has to actively market itself to current and prospective students year round. In a highly competitive market like post-secondary education, keeping Langara College in the spotlight is vital. Accordingly, I had the opportunity to work on over 15 major marketing campaigns, including: Next Stop, 6 Smart Flavours, Get Connected, 2010 Torch Relay, and Real People of Langara.

Services Provided

Research and Discovery
Creative Direction
Publication Design
Web Design
Marketing Campaigns
Stationary Design