Pearls Auto Spa Branding


Pearls Auto Spa has been servicing premium vehicles in Vancouver, Canada, since 1989. Pearls works out of a beautiful 10,000 square foot automotive detailing center with the latest technology. With decades of experience and a customer first approach, Pearls has become the first choice for any car enthusiasts and luxury automotive dealerships.


The new owner of Pearls Auto Spa commissioned me to rebrand the auto spa. His two biggest concerns coming into the project were:

  1. the pre-existing logo was not appealing to high end car enthusiasts – which is his primary market
  2. clients were confused by the seahorse logo

It was important for me to understand the philosophy of the existing logo, the details of company goals and company’s appeal to customers. I already knew what the client wanted, but I had to determine what the client actually needed. Also, I had to determine if the visual identity just needed a refresh or if it would need an entire redesign.

After conducting market/user research and interviews with the client, I decided exploration of the pre-existing seahorse logo was necessary. I could sense the client still had attachment to the old logo and change would actually be very hard. The strategy was to give the seahorse logo a refreshment and focus on modernising and simplifying it. After drafting the first series of sketches, the client and I had in-depth and exhaustive conversations and it became clear that the future direction for Pearls Auto Spa would not include the seahorse.

After going back to the drawing table, I explored the industry that actually put this company on the map – automobiles. The second round of sketches involved using a ubiquitous symbol and this landed well with the client. He especially liked that the profile of the wheel rim also looked like a high-end steering wheel. This design was well received because it has potential and flexibility going forward. Additionally, I did not want to lose the history of the old company and logo and I felt that we should celebrate the fact Pearls has been in business for almost 30 years. The addition of EST 1989 was well received, the client felt that was a nice subtle homage to the old seahorse, the previous owner and the company.

Services Provided

Research and Discovery
Creative Direction
Apparel Design
Stationary Design